• Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Need professional carpet cleaning? Hally’s Cleaning has you covered with over 30 years experience. Through ongoing training, certifications, and equipment certified by Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), we offer the best carpet cleaning services possible. Our professional carpet cleaners strive for perfection in cleaning customers’ offices, conference rooms, entryways, lobbies, hallways and other high-traffic areas.

    In addition to carpet and rugs trapping dirt from traffic outside and shop floors they also catch nearly everything that’s in the air ~ dust, pollen, and particulates. We provide deep carpet cleaning that will keep your carpet looking good, provide a healthier workplace, and protect the carpets longevity.

    We also offer carpet stain and spot removal upon request as part of our comprehensive commercial carpet cleaning services. We have a lot of experience with using the proper chemicals and solutions for removing difficult carpet stains.

  • Green Carpet Cleaning

  • We have a complete line of high-grade biodegradable “Green” cleaning products available at customers request and strive to use the least harmful products to our environment. Please contact us for more information about our green carpet cleaning services.

    Regular scheduled carpet steam cleaning is a very important component of an overall office cleaning service. This is because entry doors from outside and shops and warehouses tend to trap the most dirt, salt, ice-melting chemicals, blacktop oil, and debris that will get tracked through other parts of offices, and throughout buildings. In addition, high-traffic will or crush and flatten the carpet’s nap. Regular carpet vacuuming and steam cleaning removes harmful chemicals dirt and grime while pulling the crushed nap up.

    Hally’s Cleaning will work with you to develop an affordable regular carpet cleaning schedule that will keep your facilities looking great and more importantly, extend the life of your carpet!